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SDYC Announces New Podcast “San Diego YC Sailcast”

By Casey Allocco, SDYC Communications Coordinator | September 25, 2018
Sailcast On Apple Podcast On SoundCloud

Along with a wealth of talented sailors and professionals comes a boatload of knowledge and stories waiting to be shared with the community. San Diego Yacht Club, an award-winning sailing club located in one of the finest hubs for sailing in the country, is announcing the launch of a new podcast series called San Diego Yacht Club Sailcast. The podcast aims to highlight the San Diego sailing culture through long-form discussions with extraordinary sailors and industry leading professionals from all over the world.

In each episode, a SDYC host will introduce a new guest and facilitate a conversation on a variety of topics concerning their expertise. Listeners will gain insight into current sailing trends, hear exciting stories from on and off the water and challenge their knowledge on this exciting sport. The audience can expect an episode every two weeks, with additional episodes as high-profile sailors pass through San Diego or attend events in the area.

Each discussion will be led by a variety of SDYC hosts related to the topic and produced by SDYC’s Regatta Admin and Webmaster Jared Wohlgemuth and Communications Coordinator Casey Allocco.

“Our goal is to create an outlet of information that mirrors the efforts of the SDYC History Committee, archiving the stories and memories of great sailors through time, and providing the expertise of sailors and industry influencers. So many amazing sailors and knowledgeable individuals pass through San Diego, whether to race with us or one of the other many great clubs in the area. To be able to gather their thoughts and share their experiences with the world is a privilege in itself,” says SDYC Communications Coordinator Casey Allocco.

The podcast is currently available on Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud or though the SDYC website. To find short video clips of the episodes, visit our YouTube page.