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John Laun

Published on October 11, 2018

John Laun has been a member of SDYC since 1987, was Commodore in 2015 and is an active racer on his J/120, caper. He talks about his title as the “Most Interesting Sailor in the World” at his Commodore’s Roast. “I’m probably the least most interesting sailor in the world,” John jokes.

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Episode 004 - Joe Chinburg

Published on September 17, 2018

Joe Chinburg is the President of the US Finn Association, Owner of Dinghy Racing USA and a Firefighter for Arvada, Colorado Fire Protection District. In today’s news, a big congratulations goes out to Team SDYC “Board Shorts and Beards” in Newport, Rhode Island this weekend for winning the New York Yacht Club Resolute Cup. Skipper Tyler Sinks and his crew Max Hutcheson, Nick Kaschak and Nick Martin earned their spot at the NYYC Invitational Cup next year! Also this weekend at SDYC was the 2018 Finn Pacific Coast Championship. Robert Kinney in AK47 came in first place. A special shout out to SDYC Commodore Mike Dorgan in Finnster coming in 5th overall. Watch out next weekend for the Finn Masters North Americans.

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Episode 003 - Dave Perry

Published on September 14, 2018

Dave Perry is known all around the country as an expert on the racing rules of sailing and as a Match Racing guru, having won the US Match Racing Championship 5 times. He has written books on both Match Racing and racing rules. Dave is a member of the Sailing World Hall of Fame and has dedicated much of his career volunteering with US Sailing, currently serving on its Board of Directors. He is a true ambassador for our sport and we are honored to have him with us at San Diego Yacht Club this weekend.

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Episode 002 - Steve Hunt

Published on September 13, 2018

Professional Sailor and Point Loma High School Coach Steve Hunt joins us for the second episode of the San Diego Sailcast from the Cupola. Steve talks about his life growing up on the east coast, how he ended up in San Diego, coaching the best high school team in the country, and winning Etchells World Championships from the start of his Etchells sailing careet. His coaching philosophy translates from high school sailors to adults and Steve describes how his teams teach each other from within to raise their collective bar.

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Episode 001 - Alli Bell

Published on August 23, 2018

Recording with a view at sunset from the SDYC Cupola, Tiffany Billings introduces herself as the host of the inaugural episode of San Diego Sailcast. The three top news items this week are Peter Busch winning Junior Sabot Nationals sailed at Long Beach Yacht Club, the upcoming Juniors Nine-0 Fundraiser Luau on September 14th, and Eric Doyle's victory at the Star North American Championships sailed at California Yacht Club.

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