Junior Summer Sailing 2018

San Diego Yacht Club is looking forward to an amazing Summer Program in 2018! With classes for all experience levels, a fleet of 24 new CFJ sailboats, as well as Club-owned Sabots, C420s, and J22s, and a calendar of events like the famous Dutch Shoe Marathon, this will be a perfect summer to start or expand your adventures under sail!

Class Descriptions

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For 6 - 8 year olds who have completed Kindergarten and can swim.


The class that's launched generations to a lifetime of sailing! Kids will sail with two or three of their peers and an instructor in a 14 foot dinghy and learn through demonstrations and practice. The game-inspired curriculum covers sailing terminology, finding wind direction, learning to steer with the tiller, and fundamental seamanship skills. The class familiarizes kids with water safety and dinghy sailing, while enabling them to feel comfortable around the club and on the water.

Since Sea Urchins may start two years before the minimum age for Sea Horses, it is very common and appropriate to repeat this class over one or more summers.

Take Sea Urchins if:

  • You like water sports and want to try sailing
  • You like working together as a team.
  • You like pirates!

Class Times:

8:30 AM - 12:00 PM


7-10 year olds who can swim. 7-8 year olds should be Sea Urchins alumni. 9-10 year olds may take Sea Horses as a beginning class


In Sea Horses students will begin to sail "solo" in an SDYC sabot, while deepening their understanding of rigging, boat handling, seamanship and safety. This is a big step, so sailors enjoy an outstanding student/coach ratio of 4:1. Skills covered will include launching, basic sail trim, tacking and gybing, and navigating a reaching course. As always, the emphasis is on fun! This two week class is an ideal pairing following Sea Urchins or before Sea Otters. Charter of an SDYC Club Sabot is included. Confidence is key! It is common and totally appropriate for many sailors to repeat Sea Horses over one or more summers.

Take Sea Horses if:

  • You've completed Sea Urchins, one or more times, and feel confident!
  • You're ready to fly solo (even if you're a little nervous)!
  • You'd like to learn to skipper your own boat to Kellogg's Beach!

Class Times:

8:30 AM - 12:00 PM


For 7-11 year olds who can swim and have completed Sea Horses or equivalent.


Sea Otters pick up where Sea Horses left off and build on solo Sabot sailing skills. Otters will deepen their understandting of the points of sail, and develop solid upwind and downwind technique. They will become fluent in basic right-of-way concepts under sail and be able to apply them on the water. Otters will develop the skills to rig, launch, sail, and return to an upwind destination, preparing them well for racing in the future. And of course, Otters know how to have fun! Charter of an SDYC Club Sabot is included. Confidence is key! It is common and totally appropriate for many sailors to repeat Sea Otters over one or more summers. The next step from here is Novice Sabot Racing!

Take Sea Otters if:

  • You've completed Sea Horses, one or more times, and feel confident!
  • You want to be able to sail anywhere, even upwind!
  • You'd like to get ready for Novice Sabot Racing, and have fun!

Class Times:

8:30 AM to 12:00 PM


11 - 15 year olds


This class is all about having fun while spending time on the water and improving sailing skills. Adventure Sailing is designed for the pre-teen or young teenage sailor with little or no sailing experience, or those who would prefer to emphasize recreation rather than racing.

Sailors will cover all the basics while sailing doublehanded in Flying Junior dinghies, and occasional outings on other sorts of boats for fun and variety of experience. Topics and activities such as destination sails in the bay and ocean, navigation, and field trips to local sailing industries and attractions will keep participants engaged while promoting a broader knowledge of our sport.

Take Adventure Sailing if:

  • You like being outdoors with friends
  • You prefer the idea of sailing without competition
  • You want a ton of variety in your sailing experience

Class Times:

1:00 PM - 4:30 PM


For alumni of Sea Otters, or equivalent with Junior Office approval. Sailors should be able to rig and launch, and travel functionally on all points of sail.


In its new two-week format, this class prepares sailors for the Sabot Racing Fleets. Students will be introduced to the Racing Rules of Sailing, typical race courses, and basic racing procedures. Instructors will emphasize physical skills including using the tiller extension, hiking, and roll tacking, while also introducing mental aspects of the sport such as planning a start, windshifts, and sportsmanship. Charter of an SDYC Club Sabot is included.

Take Novice Sabot Racing if:

  • You enjoy sailing and want to get better
  • You're ready to join the amazing legacy of competitors at SDYC
  • You want to minimize the stress and maximize the fun

Class Times:

1:00 PM - 4:30 PM


For alumni of Novice Sabot Racing, or equivalent with Junior Office approval.


Congratulations, you've made it to the big time! Sabot racers sail an available club charter boat, or their own. They practice for, and compete in regattas at the Club, around San Diego, and as far away as Newport Harbor and Long Beach. All Sabot racers begin competing in the C3 Fleet, and are promoted to C2, C1, B and A based on success, rather than age, which has proven over the years to be an outstanding system for developing skills and confidence. Sabot Racing Fleet registrants should indicate their current fleet, though practices will often combine adjacent fleets depending on attendance and topics being covered. While always keeping it fun, C3 sailors will be encouraged to finish every race, while A Fleeters will actively prepare to try and win the Sabot Nationals in August.

For SDYC members who are "all in" and plan to race all summer, please consider the E Ticket option in Advanced Racing, which covers all sessions.

Take Sabot Racing Fleets if:

  • You're a good sport
  • You think sailing faster is fun
  • You're ready to try travelling to "away" regattas in So-Cal
  • "Sabot Nationals Coaching Only" is required for Nationals Racers not enrolled in Session IV

Class Times:

1:00 PM - 4:30 PM


Approval by Junior Director or Head Coach, and sailing partner where applicable


SDYC Summer Advanced Campaigns are the heart of training for our top competitors.  Our vision is that the Summer ETicket will be the best value and first choice of most Advanced Racing SDYC members. Individual campaign pricing will also be offered to allow participation on an a la carte basis, and to facilitate non-member sailing partners where necessary.  Sailors who have the ETicket option will be able to attend any and all training programs, including Sabot practices and regatta coaching. ETicket pricing is only available to SDYC members. ETicket pricing will not increase when Early Member pricing expires, and SDYC racers may upgrade to the ETicket at any time, if they decide to increase participation.

Below are descriptions of our 2018 Advanced Campaign plans. Some details may change slightly, as participation, event location, etc. become known. In general, Advanced Campaign programs will plan to be ready to sail at 1pm, in order to practice in the ocean, often. Sailors, including Team SDYC coaches teaching morning classes, will be expected to rig during summer program lunch break.

June 18-29, 1:00-4:30 PM

For Racers aged 13 and over.

This is the place for experienced racers to get tuned up for a successful summer of doublehanded racing. Training in C420s, we'll sail emphasize trapeze and spinnaker technique, sail in the ocean often, and utilize video review. Sailors must have a mutulaly agreed partner as skipper or crew for this session.


June 25-29, 1:00-4:30 PM

For sailors aged 13 and over.

This one week session is a perfect place for sailors with some experience to explore doublehanded racing, and for high school racers to experience Club-style racing, which adds spinnakers, longer race courses, and ocean sailing, to the standard HS format.

Sailors DO NOT need to enroll with a partner, as all participants will get time in both skipper and crew positions, and with different pairing combinations.

This is a great place to begin preparing for events like the CFJ division at the Junior Olympics (July 13-15, MBYC); the CFJ Nationals (July 26-29, Cal YC); or the 2018/2019 SCYYRA Shadden Series, starting in September.

July 2-3 and 9-12, 1:00-4:30 PM; July 13-15, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM at MBYC

For sailors aged 13 and over.

This campaign will prepare sailors for peak performance at the Junior Olympic Festival ("JOs"), July 13-15 at Mission Bay YC, sailing in CFJs, C420s, Laser Radials, or O'Pen Bics (please discuss with Jr Office if in question, and all fleets dependant on demand). The campaign will include daily training, video review, a distance sail to Mission Bay YC (if possible), and coaching at the actual JOs.

Sailors in doublehanded fleets must register with a mutually agreed partner, and charter of a Club C420 or CFJ is included in class fees.


July 17-19 (Tue-Thu), 1:00-4:30 PM

July 23-25 (Mon-Wed), 1:00-4:30 PM

July 26-29 (Thu-Sun), 9:00 AM-5:00 PM at Cal YC

For sailors aged 13 and over.

This campaign will prepare sailors for peak performance at the CFJ National Championship, July 26-29 at California YC in Marina del Rey. Spinnaker handling, open water boatspeed, and large fleet strategy and tactics will be emphasized during practices. Sailors must register for this campaign with a mutually agreed partner, and known skipper/crew roles. This campaign includes all training days, as well as coaching at the regatta, and charter of an SDYC CFJ and sails.

2018 Junior Summer Sailing Class Schedule

SEA URCHINS (morning)
Dates Early SDYC Price Price
June 18 - June 29 $500 $620
July 2 - July 13 (no July 4-6) $350 $435
July 16 - July 27 (no July 20) $450 $560
July 30 - Aug 10 $500 $620
Dates Early SDYC Price Price
June 18 - June 29 $500 $620
July 2 - July 13 (no July 4-6) $350 $435
July 16 - July 27 (no July 21) $450 $560
July 30 - Aug 10 $500 $620
SEA HORSES (morning)
Dates Early SDYC Price Price
June 18 - June 29 $500 $620
July 2 - July 13 (no July 4-6) $350 $435
July 16 - July 27 (no July 20) $450 $560
July 30 - Aug 10 $500 $620
Dates Early SDYC Price Price
June 18 - June 29 $400 $490
July 2 - July 13 (no July 4-6) $285 $345
July 16 - July 27 (no July 20) $360 $440
July 30 - Aug 10 $400 $490
Aug 6-9 (Nationals Coaching Only) $120 n/a
E Ticket (see Advanced Racing) $1230 TBD (SDYC members only)
SEA OTTERS (morning)
Dates Early SDYC Price Price
June 18 - June 29 $500 $620
July 2 - July 13 (no July 4-6) $350 $435
July 16-27 (no July 20) $450 $560
July 30 - Aug 10 $500 $620
Dates Early SDYC Price Price
June 18 - June 29 $500 $620
July 2 - July 13 (no July 4-6) $350 $435
July 16 - July 27 (no July 20) $450 $560
July 30 - Aug 10 $500 $620
Advanced Doublehanded Warm-Up (C420s, afternoon)
Dates Early SDYC Price Price
June 18-29 $500 $620
Dates Early SDYC Price Price
July 2-3, 9-15 $450 $560
Dates Early SDYC Price Price
July 17-19, 23-29 $500 $620
E TICKET - BEST VALUE!, all Advanced offerings
Dates SDYC Members Only
June 18 - Aug 10 $1230 n/a



2018 Registration Dates and Policies

  • FEB 13, 9:00 AM
    Discounted Early Registration begins for SDYC Members (membership number required), thru March 5th.
  • MAR 6
    Open Registration and Pricing begin.
    Must be submitted to juniors@sdyc.org
    Will be accommodated based on availability.
    Prior to March 6 will be granted a full refund. Cancellations on or after March 6 will receive a 50% refund.

Tuesday Family Nights

Summer Tuesdays, 6:00 PM

Every Tuesday during the Summer Program we hold a Family Night Dinner in the Pavilion (by the pool) at 6:00pm. All participants are encouraged to attend these fun BYO social events. This is also a great chance to meet your child's instructors by signing up to host one or more for each Family Night.

Equipment Checklist

One of sailing's greatest lessons is learning the importance of being prepared and keeping checklists. Please review the recommended list below and make sure to label all that nice gear with your name!

PFD (lifejacket)
US Coast Guard Approved, Type III. Brands like Extrasport and Gill are the most popular and comfortable. Fit is important, so please choose the
appropriate size for THIS summer.

Every sailor must have their own tube. The more protection the better. Ideally choose a waterproof variety that won’t hurt the eyes.

Even better sun protection.

Important protection for the only eyes you have!

"Every sailor brings a bailer" which can easily be fashioned by cutting the bottom off of a big OJ or laundry soap jug.

Waterproof Watch
With a countdown function for racing sailors.

Change of Clothes
Besides wearing clothes to get wet in, every sailor should have extra dry duds and a towel.

Staying hydrated is imporant for a safe, fun, learning experience!

Lunch / Money
Please bring one or the other if you'll be here over the lunch break. SDYC's Snack Bar is famous for its great lunch! Unfortunately, we cannot offer refrigeration.

Good Attitude
Well rested, well fed, happy, and ready to HAVE FUN!

Participation Requirements

Every sailor will be required to:

  • Pass a relatively easy swim test on the first day of each session.
  • Wear a properly fitting U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket at all times on the water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answering basic questions about the program from what to bring, rules on parent involvment, swim requirements, etc.

View Frequently Asked Questions

Summer Boat Descriptions

The Sabot is an 8 foot, kid-sized individual dinghy that is easy to manage and fun to sail.  Weight range: 60-135 lbs

The Laser is a fun, single-handed training boat. Weight range: 125-160 (Radial), 160-185 (Full).

Advanced sailors can learn to sail with a spinnaker and trapeze in the double-handed 420. Weight range: 220-300 combined.

Top-level sailors can race the I420. A technical, tunable, planing doublehanded dinghy. Weight range: 240-320 lbs combined.

The CFJ is the high school doublehanded dinghy of choice. Can be sailed with or without a spinnaker. Weight range: 220-300 lbs combined. SDYC took delivery of 24 brand new CFJs from Zim Sailing in 2017!