Anglers Fleet

SDYC Anglers welcome any club members to our group of fishing enthusiasts!

We are a friendly group of anglers who provide recognition for significant catches by our members. Each year we award trophies for many classes of angling achievement.

In the Spring, before commencement of the fishing season, we provide how-to seminars to our members. This is also open to all SDYC members.  We continue to maintain records of all noteworthy catches by membership.

For a more complete listing of event we participate or host, please review the Angler Fleet glass case located in the main lobby hallway. This area will also hold the community activities and environmental involvement the Anglers Fleet supports.

We also host a Kid's Fishing Day. This trip brings youngsters from the community to join with SDYC young people to celebrate a day of fishing and fun at sea. This trip is often the first introduction to the Pacific Ocean for many young people. Fishing rods and reels are provided for the kids to take home and start their new fishing careers.

The Kids Fish the Docks has been a great success and the Club has received very positive feedback from all the parents with kids of all ages ranging from 3-15. We have been asked by the July 4th Entertainment Committee to host this event again which will take place on the Main Guest dock. Bring you pole, bait, tackle and excitement for another great family experience.

Every year we sponsor the Junior Coastal Anglers Tournament on a local Commercial Passenger Fishing Vessel out of San Diego or Mission Bay. Jr Coastal Angling Tournament, open to any SDYC member's child or grandchild and their invited guest who can fish on their own (Ages 8-15). Free to all participants.

We continue to update our members and SDYC Board members on the ongoing Marine Life Protection Act process and other processes that affect fishing.

During the fishing season we sent updates on current fishing conditions to our members through our Fleet Mailing List.  Contact us to be joined to the list.

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