Membership Contact

Danielle Carreón
Membership Secretary


Facility Highlights

  • 600+ wet slips
  • 100+ dry slips
  • Open 363 days a year
  • Full service restaurant and bar
  • Catering and Banquet services
  • Pool, spa, tennis courts, gym
  • Private parking lot
  • Full time security
  • Top ranked Junior Sailing program

Join the Club

Membership Process

San Diego Yacht Club, established in 1886, has a wonderful facility in the heart of Point Loma, and an incredible membership and staff that encourage and foster interest in all aspects of yachting. If you would like to be a part of the tradition, please contact Danielle Carreón, our Membership Secretary, and she will provide you with all the details.

Membership Advantages

  • Award winning, world class junior sailing program
  • Competitive racing opportunities from fun local fleets to world championship regattas
  • Cruising fleet activities (power and sail) with organized outings to destinations in southern California and beyond
  • Outstation at Buffalo Beach on Catalina Island for memorable family activities
  • Spectacular range of dining and bar facilities

Get Involved

There are many ways to get started with the SDYC community.  We strive to make the club a welcome place for racers, cruisers, and families looking to enjoy the sport.  Our membership secretary can help put you in contact with people at the club who have similar interests.  A few ideas follow:

Upcoming New Member Events


Aislinn Sotelo

"As a native San Diegan, I grew up at the San Diego Yacht Club. My grandparents have been members since 1970, so for me the yacht club is a second home. I learned to swim in the yacht club pool and to sail in the amazing Junior Sailing Program. Since joining as a Junior Flag Member I transferred to a Flag Member. I wanted to continue enjoying the yacht club and looking to the future, it is important to me that when I have my own family my children have the opportunity to create their own memories at the yacht club learning to sail and being part of the friendly sailing community.

Since becoming a member in my own right, I’ve joined two committees and am having a blast! The yacht club always hosts fun events and educational talks, and the dining room and bar are always great places to grab a bite and to chat leisurely with friends and family. The SDYC has a rich history and boasts one of the best yacht club libraries and archives in the country, top notch facilities, an excellent staff that keeps everything running smoothly, and is home to world class sailors and some of the nicest people I’ve ever met."

Scott Rights


"I’m a San Diego native and we’ve lived in Point Loma since 1998. Although we had discussed joining the club many times over the years it wasn’t until a friend pushed us this year that we gave it serious consideration. We’ve always enjoyed boating; it’s just that we’ve been so busy with work and our two children that we didn’t give it serious consideration earlier. If I have any regret, it’s that we waited so long.

I feel like we’ve found a new community of friends close to home. We share many common interests beyond boating. I really enjoy the tennis group, among others. Our son and daughter have enjoyed spending many summer days playing in the club pool or ordering snacks at the poolside snack bar. They have found friends every time we just show up for a relaxing day at the club or to partake in some club activity. The San Diego Yacht Club members are a fantastic group of people that one can quickly perceive the strong sense of community.

The club offers so much and so many different groups (cruising, racing, tennis, amateur radio, etc.) that it’s a great fit for any family. For those who don’t own or boat or sail, I can tell you that there is no reason to be intimidated by the world‐class sailors. As one would expect with boaters, there is no shortage of apprentice or help in guiding the neophyte.

You’ll find me at the club several times each week, and I look forward to meeting every new member who joins, so please don’t hesitate to find me and introduce yourself!"