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A Cat North Americans Highlight Video

By Cat Sailing News | October 18, 2017

Snow / Agnese 2020 Campaign Update

By Nevin Snow | October 11, 2017

For the past two weeks, we've been training at Oakcliff in Long Island, NY. During this focussed time in the 49er, we've had the chance to practice by ourselves, practice with other 49er Olympic hopefuls, and compete. We've sailed two regattas since being here and have performed well. You can find results here. 

Looking forward into the next few weeks, we'll be doing a bit of training in Southern California and Miami in October, followed by a month long training trip to Australia in November. We're really excited for the opportunity to travel to Australia, where we'll be spending time in Sydney and Melbourne training and competing. Keep reading to see how you can help support us in the coming weeks.

Drew Freides Wins Melges 20 Worlds

By Scuttlebutt Sailing News | October 10, 2017

After eight races, eight varied race winners and a wide range of racing conditions, Drew Friedes' PACIFIC YANKEE with tactician Morgan Reeser and crew member Charlie Smythe have captured their very first major international title in the Melges 20 Class, that of 2017 Melges 20 World Champions.

Mischa Heemskerk Runs Away with A Cat North American Championship

By Emily Willhoft, Photos courtesy of Bob Betancourt | October 08, 2017

Sunday was a short but exciting last day of the 2017 A-Cat North American Championship. Competitors completed the last two races of the series in beautiful chamber of commerce winds, for a total of 11 races throughout 4 days. 

San Diego saved it’s best breeze for Sunday, with the wind at 16 knots for the day’s first race which started at 11:30am. Race Committee started the first race earlier to allow competitors extra time to tune their boats for the breeze. Due to the faster wind speeds, Race Committee lengthened the course to 1.1 nm. At 12:30pm, the wind slowed to an average of 13 knots for Sunday’s second race, which was five legs. 

Day 3 of A Cat North Americans Challenging for 31 Boat Fleet

By Emily Willhoft, Photos courtesy of Bob Betancourt | October 07, 2017

The consensus from competitors today was that day 3 (Saturday) of the 2017 A-Cat North American Championship was the most challenging day yet due to lighter winds and kelp on the race course. Despite the obstacles, Race Committee was able to get races 7-9 of the series off, leaving 2 races for tomorrow until the North American champion is named. 

With the wind at 4-5 knots at the scheduled start time, Race Committee raised the AP flag and wasn’t able to start the first race until 1:45pm. Once racing began, each race went rather quickly as the wind speed got up to about 10 knots. Race Committee ran course two all day, changing bearings for each race as the wind direction shifted. 

Top 3 Remaining on Top at A Cat North Americans

By Emily Willhoft, Photos courtesy of Bob Betancourt | October 06, 2017

Day two of the 2017 A-Cat North American Championship was characterized by lighter winds and consistent competition. The 32 competitors completed races 4-6 of the series, with 3 races scheduled for Saturday and 2 for Sunday. 

Race Committee described Friday as a “righty day” with the wind direction at 300+ for most of the day. The forecasted wind was around 10-15 knots, but unfortunately the wind didn’t fill in like it was supposed to and was more in the 6-9 knot range all day. Regardless, the day was sunny, the water was flat, and the foiling boats foiled.

A Cat North Americans Kick Off in South Bay

By Emily Willhoft | October 06, 2017

San Diego displayed a healthy amount of breeze for the first day of the 2017 A-Cat North American Championship. There are 32 sailors out in the waters of Crown Cove in South San Diego Bay competing for the title of A-Cat North American Champion. Today sailors finished the first three races of the four day event.

The first race of the day was abandoned due to Race Committee error- RC failed to signal which course was being sailed. While there was a lengthy discussion at Thursday night’s skippers meeting and a general agreement on which course to sail, not all the competitors were present at the meeting and no changes to the sailing instructions  were made. Therefore, RC abandoned the race and the first race that they scored started at 1pm. Races generally lasted 23-28 mins and competitors sailed course 2.

Moth North Americans Showcases San Diego’s Foiling Sailing

By Justin Richard Photography | October 05, 2017

SDYC Lipton Cup Skipper Tyler Sinks Interview

By Emily Willhoft | October 02, 2017

With one month until the 2017 Lipton Cup, we checked in with Team SDYC to see how preparations are going. Skippered by SDYC hero, Tyler Sinks, the team has won the 2011, 2013, and 2015 Lipton Cup Regattas – every other year for the past 6 years. Can Sinks, along with crew members Jake La Dow, Chris Busch, Jake Reynolds, Erik Shampain, Melissa Denman, and Max Hutcheson, stick to the pattern and take the title for 2017?

Matt Struble Sweeps 11 Races at Moth North American Championship

By Emily Willhoft | October 01, 2017

Competitors, spectators, coaches, and Race Committee breathed a sigh of relief today as it was finally breeze ON for the final day of the 2017 Moth North American Championship. When Race Committee first arrived at the race venue at 10am, winds were at 10 knots. When racing got underway shortly after 11am, the wind was at 12 knots which continued to build throughout the race. For the next 3 races, the wind was between 12 and 15 knots, allowing competitors to fly through the air on their foiling boats. 

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