Amateur Radio Group

The San Diego Yacht Club Amateur Radio Group (ARG) is a small, but active, group of ham radio operators. We have monthly meetings, except during a summer hiatus. Our station consists of both HF and VHF radios with a beam antenna mounted on a 50' tower, as well as an assortment of dipoles and verticals. Our Winlink station provides a reliable connection for sailors to send their email traffic while out cruising on the high seas.  If you are interested in becoming licensed, please email us and we can help you along in the process. We ran a class for juniors this year, and we hope to run another class in the near future.

Scott Rights, N6PG
Chairman SDYC ARG


Scott R. Rights, N6PG
ARG Chairman

Daily Schedule
0800: Baja Net - 7.238 KHz
0815: ARG Net - 146.580 MHz

Upcoming Amateur Radio Group Events

No events scheduled