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Brook Wood & Caylin Schnoor at the Ida Lewis Championship

By Caylin Schnoor | August 28, 2018

This year, Brook Wood and I had the privilege of traveling to Mentor, Ohio for the 2018 US Sailing Junior Women’s Doublehanded Championship, otherwise known as Ida Lewis. This regatta is in memoriam of Thomas Clagett’s late wife, named after a women who had bravery like no other, Ida Lewis. She was known for saving the lives of many people who would pass by her father’s lighthouse in distress. The US Sailing Women's Doublehanded Championship featured 80 girls (40 teams) which was the highest participation number in years! There were teams from California, New York, New Jersey and Alabama, just to name a few. Getting to know the girls from across the country was one of Brook’s and my favorite parts!

Every year, Ida lewis is sailed in a C420. This enabled Brook and I to step out of our comfort zone and try a new boat! Not only did this elevate our time in the boat and challenge our physical strength, but it improved our tactics and ability to think ahead which we will take back to High School Sailing in the fall and for the rest of our sailing careers. Additionally, the coaching at Ida Lewis was absolutely fabulous. There were eight national level coaches, one of them being our own Beka Schiff! We learned so much from all of them and I have never had such an amazing experience.

Lastly, we wish to thank the Competition Fund Committee and SDYC for the significant support to help us attend this prestigious and educational event!