San Diego Sailcast Episode Recap

Episode 018 - Danielle Richards

By Casey Allocco & Jared Wohlgemuth | March 07, 2019

PC Fleet Captain Danielle Richards joins us on the San Diego Yacht Club Sailcast to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the PC Fleet, cover their colorful history, recap some previous and upcoming events, and discuss some of the current PC boats at SDYC.

This week in the news: A busy spring is on way for sailing at SDYC. Next week is the start to the Etchells West Coast Spring Series, the Helly Hansen NOOD Regatta on March 15 – 17, 2019. Following, the Kiteboarding Pan American Trials take place off Crown Cove on March 29 – 31, 2019. Registration is open for the 2nd (and mandatory) regatta in the WCSS, the Etchells Midwinters West, as well as for the rest of the series.

Registration is also open for two of SDYC’s favorite events: The Yachting Cup on May 5 – 7, 2019 and no, you’re not reading incorrectly, the Puerto Vallarta 2020! Make sure to keep up with SDYC’s race calendar for open registrations and upcoming regattas.

PC Fleet Captain Danielle Richards kicks off the Sailcast episode going over some of her own sailing background and explaining how she got into the PC Fleet, leading into an exciting discussion about the PC Fleet with a little history about the fleet as it turns 90. Danielle mentions Past Commodore Joe Jessop and his involvement in the introduction of the fleet at SDYC. She explains some of the factors of the PC that makes the boat ideal for San Diego Bay and covers some technical features including which wood can be where on the boat.

Skipping forward to the current decade, Danielle describes what they call E-Street, and talks about some of the current owners of the SDYC PC boats. Fourteen PCs are actively racing on the bay.

She is currently restoring her own boat, #23. Danielle looks back through the history of her own, #23 Chaos, telling host Alli Bell where it came from and about some of its previous owners, including one who sailed the PC from San Diego to Newport Beach in about 20 hours. The boat is expected to be ready for racing by Opening Day 2021!

“I yelled across the room, I want that boat! Little did I know what I was getting myself into,” Danielle said. “Anything that’s made out of wood, is heavily used and 80 years old needs a lot of work.”

Danielle continues with some of the meaningful stories of her boat and the family ties to it. She describes why she feels the boats are “a dream to sail” and moves on to how the PC Fleet got started in Hawaii.

Three regattas recently have been canceled due to the unusual San Diego weather. Upcoming PC Fleet regattas include: SDYC Opening Day Race, Kettenburg and Classic Yacht Regatta, PC Nationals.

To get into the PC Fleet, you can purchase a boat that is for sale. Reach out to Danielle by visiting the PC Fleet tab on the website. You can also crew for the PCs here or test drive the boat if you’re interested. Every Tuesday Night, starting mid-May, those who would like to participate in random leg courses in the Basin for Beer Cans are welcome to join.

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