San Diego Sailcast Episode Recap

Episode 011 - Dan Brown

By Jared Wohlgemuth, Casey Allocco | November 29, 2018

Alli Bell welcomes SDYC Member Dan Brown on the SDYC Sailcast. Dan Brown has a significant timeline of accomplishments including the introduction to a Handicap Fleet in San Diego, involvement with the America’s Cup and a long history of studying meteorology.

Dan Brown came to the area first to Silver Gate Yacht Club. He started the San Diego Handicap Fleet, at the time called the Silver Gate Handicap Fleet. Dan tells us a little about how he got that started, the technicalities and difficulties that go into it, and the expansion of the fleet to different clubs in the area. He explains how this strategy is now used in the Hot Rum Series.

In 1965, Dan took over the Race Committee Chairman position. Prior to that, Dan had been running races using his Catamaran and club volunteer boats. He continues to tell us about the first boat he was on as chairman and the first couple of races he ran. He also tells us about some complaints on the speed of catamarans, which led into another division. Dan had been building catamarans early on in LA.

He mentions his time sailing in Hawaii with boats made by Dan Brown, Bruce Brown (Endless Summer) and Woody Brown (none of them being related). Dan tells us about his boat, Teak Lady, and his transition into meteorology and studying currents after one particular sail. He reflects on his first sail down the coast from Berkley to Balboa on Teak Lady and the eye opening adventures.

Dan tells us about his journey with his boat, Lone Ranger, and his campaign for a Ranger 23 not long after selling. He tells stories of the early days of Yachting Cup and his boat Peppermint Patti before leading into stories of the America’s Cup. Dan worked to predict the wind and currents for the New Zealand team after realizing that Dennis Conner was going to do very well in a catamaran. He talks about the protest of the catamaran and the controversy that came with America’s Cup that year. Dan finishes by telling us about the big “Cat Fight.”