San Diego Sailcast Episode Recap

Episode 010 - John & Chris Busch

By Jared Wohlgemuth, Casey Allocco | November 15, 2018

Alli Bell sits down with sailors and brothers, Chris and John Busch. Chris and John grew up in the SDYC Junior Program, attended Gonzaga University and are both still active sailors.

The brothers started out in sabots right in La Playa. Their father was in the Navy, sailed in San Diego and helped start the sailing program for regular officers and enlisted around the country. They start off the episode by telling some of their stories of childhood sailing, how they started crewing and some of the family sailing rivalries including on the Transpac Race.

Both brothers are sailing the Transpac Race in 2019. John is riding again on Medicine Man and Chris will be on Peligroso. Both are hoping for a sunset finish! Chris goes on to talk about his successes in the races. In addition to Transpac, both brothers have sailed in several Puerto Vallarta races. John and Chris tell their stories from Puerto Vallarta and injuries aboard.

John and Chris tell Alli the draws that bring them to ocean racing. “It’s getting away from shore, the cell phone and the chaos that happens workwise. You’re there with a group of guys your close with and you focus on one goal, getting there as quick as you can and end up at your destination,” John explained.

They continue to explain the responsibilities that each position has on board, including the Navigator which Chris often does. He explains how he got into that position, told stories of his first time using the navigating software Expedition and how the technology tools work into the strategy and tactics.

Alli directs the conversation to what the brothers are doing with inshore racing. Chris’ son, Peter Busch, recently won the Sabot Nationals. Chris talks about his time as a Sabot Dad and his future plans with inshore racing. John brings up the Lipton Cup sailing against his brother and some of the competition between the two. John sailed for Long Beach Yacht Club (2nd) and Chris sailed for San Diego Yacht Club (1st).

“It’s the longest sail back when you lose the Lipton Cup,” said Chris.

John reflects on the traditions of the Lipton Cup, including a bottle of rum from SDYC’s Commodore. He then goes on to talk about some of his career judging and as race admin. Chris talks about their win and what it means to them as Team SDYC. He continues by telling us about his future sailing plans.

Alli finishes the discussion asking their advice for how to get on a Transpac Race.