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Team SDYC Competes in 2016 Soiland Cup

By Jake Reynolds | January 25, 2017
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November 4-6, 2016
Lake Pontchartrain


Team SDYC arrived to Southern Yacht Club in New Orleans, Louisiana to sail the Soiland Cup Team Race (November 4-6, 2016) which is one of the highest level team race events in the United States. Our team showed up to our host house around midnight the night before the event. We were housed by Dwight LaBlanc, Commodore of Southern Yacht Club.

The team showed up to the venue on the first morning ready to race. Although we did a little bit of sitting around, we got off five rounds, winning all of our races for that day. Though we were in the lead it was still tight racing.

The second day it was much of the same weather with temperatures around 75 and light winds. By the end of the day we found ourselves with no losses and once with our competitors close on our tail. Although, it was many of our first times in the Flying Scots we seemed to have a large learning curve with the boats.

The last day we finished the second round robin with the eight teams and split in to a gold and silver fleets. This ended up being our final four where we had a couple races get away from us and we found ourselves sailing the last race for a winner take all. We started the race with a deep six and were in scramble mode for a short time. We rounded the windward mark in a very close chasing play and once we got to mark three we rounded in a winning 2,3,4. With great sailing from both Charleston Yacht Club and SDYC, we came away from the event with a solid second place.

We know we could have had the win but sometimes things don’t roll in your favor. We are looking forward to our next event in April at NHYC for the Baldwin Cup. Thank you again for the Comp Fund for all of their support and an even bigger thanks to Dwight LaBlanc for housing Team SDYC.