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Taisei Hatter at the Chubb US Junior Championships

By Taisei Hatter | September 05, 2018
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This summer I competed in the Chubb U.S. Junior Championships. It was held at North Cape Yacht Club in LaSalle, Michigan. This regatta was sailed on Lake Erie and was generally very light.  The race was sort of a clinic and a regatta where we all had the same coaches and had big team meetings after everyday of sailing. It was warm in LaSalle but nothing compared to Texas or North Carolina, where I raced earlier in the summer.  It was one of the funnest regattas that I have ever sailed with the combination of very competitive sailing and fun after sailing activities.

I flew out very early and arrived at the airport around 3 pm. I found the group of sailing kids who were waiting and saw familiar faces such as Ansgar and Patrick from California Yacht Club. After a hour or so the bus arrived and I saw many friends from Laser sailing in the past: Owen from Seattle, Gabe from Hawaii, and many others. We arrived to the yacht club and there was an overwhelming number of people, but I found the group of people from Southern California that I knew. Myself and around 10 other Laser and Lightning sailors found a volleyball net and ball. Volleyball was a very fun pastime that we normally took apart in after sailing.  We stayed in a very nice house that was big with a rustic feeling to it. The hosts were amazing, they did everything to take care of us. They even made pizza for us!

On the first day there was a clinic where we sailed in the venue where the racing was going to occur. It was very light and we got almost no practice in.  We came in early and had a great time playing volleyball until it eventually began to rain. We went back to the house early and when the rain stopped we walk to a different host house and took part in a bonfire.  It was really fun mingling with Laser, Lightning, and 420 sailors from all over the U.S.

The first day of the regatta we sailed very close to the shore where it was very shifty. In addition to the shifty wind, it was also very light. I was very frustrated and had a poor day only finishing 2 races.

On the next day we got to sail in a different location due to the rotation we do with the other fleets. It was a lot further away from land and was more of a persistent shift. I was very happy that it was a persistent shift left and won the pin every race. Winning the pin every race helped me have a phenomenal day and move up 5 places. After that day of racing we had a Luau which was not too exciting because of the rain, and we had to leave early. Instead we had our own bonfire again which was a lot of fun.

The final day was the windiest with the wind coming out of a whole new direction. There was a drone that recorded the racing we did on the last day, and it was especially good for me because the drone recorded me for most of the races. This was because I started at the pin and that is where the drone got the best footage. I had an okay day and was sad that I had to leave the venue. I really enjoyed making new friends, meeting old friends, and overall just having a great time. I would like to thank the San Diego Yacht Club competition fund for letting me have this experience.