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SDYC Hosts San Diego Coast Guard J/22 Regatta

By Kris Zillman | July 30, 2018

We are always happy to take people sailing and introduce them to our family here but we were especially proud to be able to show the men and women of Coast Guard Sector San Diego how we support each other and the maritime culture that we all value so highly. Our membership came through and volunteers provided all of the support we could need to host 50+ people for an afternoon of sailboat racing and hospitality where we were able to show our appreciation for the Coast Guards’ constant presence both in and offshore, handling the situations where we need them the most. 

Many people in the Coast Guard don’t know how to sail or race so Jr. S/C Reiter, V/C Biehl, and the Victor and Kimberly McKnight made sure that everyone got to race a few laps, call some shots, use a tiller and trim the sails – helping them better understand why we are all here doing what we love.  Vice Commodore Biehl was declared to have the fastest teams of the day – just beating out Kris Zillmann; even though the Coasties may not have appreciated the competitive nature of their fun day, all of the members were out there sailing at their top speeds and trying to teach newbies at the same time. 

We look forward to hosting the Coast Guard again and continuing to work with them and our other neighbors on San Diego’s waters to make sure that we all can enjoy boating with the comfort of knowing that they have us covered and that we all help each other.