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Randy Lake & Madeleine Mcgrath at Snipe Worlds in Spain

By Randy Lake | September 12, 2017
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Thanks very much for supporting me and my crew Madeleine Mcgrath at the 2017 Snipe World Championships. The regatta was very windy, with big waves at a very tight interval. The conditions were very different than anything we have in Southern California or most of the United States.

I felt our boat speed was very good in the practice days. The practice days were about 14 to 18 knots. This was the first Worlds I ever sailed in where the fleet was split in two, a gold and silver based on a two day four race qualifying series. The gold fleet racing was 3 days and a total of 6 races including your qualifying score. The 3 days were by far the windiest days of the regatta. The first day was the lightest about 15 knots, but the last two days were in the lower 20s.  

We had our best race a 4th on the light day when our speed was good. In the very windy conditions the top teams were faster. I think if the conditions would have stayed a little bit less windy the results might have been a bit different.

Traveling a long way from home and sailing in a World Championships is arguably the most difficult and best learning experiences a person can have racing sailboats. The logistics of getting a good charter boat, getting to the regatta, finding a place to live, dealing with a much different race committee, and sailing against the best sailors in the worlds is an experience that I will remember, and be proud of. I am looking forward to passing my learning experiences on to the high school kids I coach.  


Thank you