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Jimmie Lowe Thanks SDYC for 2017 International Masters Regatta

By Jimmie Lowe | November 27, 2017

Jimmie Lowe from Nassau Yacht Club sent Commodore John Reiter a thank you note regarding the 2017 International Masters Regatta. We are grateful for his words and wanted to share them this holiday season. 

24 November, 2017

San Diego Yacht Club, San Diego, CA
Attn: Mr. John A. Reiter

Dear John;

Re: International Masters Invitational

Watching coverage of your Thanksgiving celebrations reminded me that I had been remiss in sending you my sincere thanks for having been invited to be a part of the above Regatta.

It was truly a pleasure to be allowed to participate in your event. I and my team of Snipe sailing friends had a fabulous time.

Your Club put on a great regatta, many thanks go out to your Club Management, the Regatta Committee, the Race Officers, the Boat Owners, Boat Representatives and all the persons who prepared the boats for us to race initially and during the event.

The Regatta was a well-orchestrated, first class event from the preparation of the boats, to the racing and the on-shore activities. I hope all involved know how appreciated they are.

Thank you for making us feel so at home at San Diego Yacht Club.

Yours Sincerely, 

Jimmie Lowe