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Jack Reiter 11th at C420 Nationals

By Jack Reiter | September 12, 2017
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The 2017 C420 National Championship was hosted by Wianno YC all the way out in Cape Cod. For the first time in a while, this event was to be the last event in the Triple Crown and the last regatta of the summer. Knowing that all of the top people could be tired after two weeks of nonstop sailing helped our mindset before the event.

On August 8th, my mom and I flew out of San Diego to Boston Logan and met up with my crew Tanner. We then drove 1 hour and a half to a little town on the Cape called Barnstable. I have previously been to this part of the Cape to visit my brother who has taught sailing there for the past two years. We got to our hotel late into the night and were able to fall asleep peacefully. The next day we drove twenty minutes to Wianno YC and set up our charter boat as well as a small practice built in.

The three days of sailing proved to be difficult with regards to the number of boats that sailed. The 144 boat fleet that was split into two different color groups; red and green. A couple of problems we faced throughout the weekend was starting. Figuring out the best starting procedure was definitely very difficult. With the conditions varying each day, it provided for some incredible and challenging races. The first day of the event was the consistently of the wind, peaking at 14. Getting UFD on the first race of the event, a race we got third in, was very difficult to come back from. For the rest of the day I was a little more hesitant on the starting line which cost us valuable points. The second and third day were practically the same, sunny and peaking at 12 knots. The second day we were even more comfortable with the conditions and were able to roll some nice top tens. The final day was just as challenging as the first day because it was only the top 70 overall, aka Gold fleet. All of the top competitors were in this fleet and provided extremely difficult short course beats.

Having some time to look back at the event, I would say my crew and I should be a little disappointed with our mistakes, but should also be proud of the things we accomplished. When we were able to have really good starts, we were able to easily be at the top of the fleet. The event as a whole was awesome as I was able to be the final skipper for Tanner in her Club 420 career and I think we both went out and ended it with guns fully ablaze. I’d like to thank the SDYC Competition Fund for helping us compete in all of these major events. Finally, I would like to thank Tanner for sailing her last event with me and I hope we can both continue to represent SDYC for years to come!