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Amanda Majernik at the Leiter Cup & Ida Lewis Regattas

By Amanda Majernik | August 09, 2017
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I would like to thank the SDYC Competition Fund for allowing me to go to two of the best regattas. Although I didn't do as well as I had hoped, these regattas were focused around another theme this year. We focused on the sailing sisterhood. Part of the reason why I love going to Ida Lewis and Leiter is because it is a group of girls. These are not just any girls, they are friends. With light racing and hot temperatures it was certainly an experience.

Leiter is special because every girl is virtually alone. Sure, we may have friends from previous years but that is not always the case. This year, almost everyone was new besides about seven girls. We don't start the event off knowing who is who. It amazes me that the group is so bonded by the last day. It always starts off slow- everyone does their own thing. Less than an hour in, two of my friends and I walk upstairs to look for food. Suddenly, all the girls get up and within ten minutes we are all sitting in a large group drinking water and laughing. This is what is missing from other regatta. The sense that we are all in it together. The sense of a sailing sisterhood.

Ida Lewis provides a different venue for socializing. Girls are in pairs which can lead to more cliques. Last year, I was lucky to have six of my closest friends also sailing the regatta so we fit into the San Diego clique. This year, Maddy and I had the pleasure of meeting new people. We weren’t isolated into our own group and ended up making so many great new friends. I want to thank Maddy because without her this regatta would have not been the same.

One parallel that these two regatta had was the topic of The Magenta Project. I want to spread the word of this program because it is truly inspiring and connects women sailors all throughout the world. This program aims to have a platform in which young sailors can simply email someone in a boating industry wether it be yacht design, offshore racing, meteorology for the Volvo Ocean race, match racing, or any other thinkable part of sailing. With a male dominated sport and industry it is important to keep the sailing sisterhood alive and for it to thrive. The Magenta Project is a great way to achieve this goal and I think that the Ida Lewis and Leiter Trophy are such great regattas to start the campaign at.

I would like to thank the SDYC Competition Fund for allowing me to go to these regattas. Although I didn't represent the club as well as I had hoped, I hope I can bring some of the sailing sisterhood and word of the Magenta Project home to inspire some of our younger girl sailors.