Club News

2018 PC Nationals

By DeAnn Reynolds | December 05, 2018

The 2018 PC National Championships were held Dec. 1-2 on San Diego Bay. Six boats participated in a fun, lively competition. Everyone was watching the weather forecast for rain and breezy conditions, but the weather cooperated beautifully allowing all five races to be sailed for the championship in sunshine.

The regatta is typically sailed in early fall, out in the ocean. However, postponing the regatta to December took us into the bay to avoid the Hot Rum competitors. The bay was smooth, except for the occasional power boat in a hurry to get to the other side. The wind was shifty and light, making for very interesting and sometimes frustrating conditions for the crew. Throughout the weekend, we saw the breeze rise and fall with wild shifts from left to right. Most competitors tried to get a good shift off the Harbor Island rocks, but a few times one would sail into a hole and just watch the other sailors, with their own wind, sail right around them. Interesting shifts, currents and fluctuations of the breeze left for good spectating on Sunday. 

The PC is a 32’ wood boat that dates back to pre and post war era. They have generous sail area with a spinnaker and are a lot of fun to sail.  Typically a crew consists of four or five friends, ready to enjoy a day of sailing in San Diego. Our fleet is changing and adding a youthful vibrancy to the competition. Rick Arneson and his young crew raced to finish second in his newly refurbished Nepenthe #62. Danielle Richards with her crew raced #66 to a third place finish while she continues to refurbish her own boat #23. There are several PC’s whose owners aren’t sailing at the moment, and we have several opportunities for any interested sailors to join the fun. Call our Fleet Captain, Danielle, and she can help you get involved in the PC fleet!