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2018 Linda Elias Women’s One Design Wrap-up

By Kris Zillmann | November 05, 2018
LEMWOD Results

With 6 of the 11 teams being driven by past regatta winners, this years’ event was a difficult regatta to control.  Winds on the practice day ended up being twice what we actually sailed in so, as usual, Long Beach delivered a crap-shoot of conditions where consistency and scoring no more than 21 points ended up winning the regatta. Team SDYC was represented by Kris Zillmann, Julie Mitchell, Stacey Szabo, Sandy Vissmann, Lisa-Marie Terhaar, Tiffany Billings, Alexa Cavalieri, Kim Standford, Kym Kapalla, Lois Harrington, and Gigi Mitchell and finished fifth in the event. 

With the top five teams each winning at least one race, it was truly a game of making the mistakes hurt less than everyone else’ – which Newport Harbor Yacht Club did very well. They were able to take the pin more than 50% of the time and get the bottom-of-the-course lefty that seems to always be present off the Belmont Pier. There were losses that happened pretty quickly as the wind strength varied drastically across the course and it took more race course than we had to catch back up.  We were all reminded that getting these boats up to speed quickly means the difference between going where you want to go and being forced to go where you can. 

We would like to thank the San Diego Yacht Club for supporting us in this effort to attend this Keelboat regatta which, through the years, has grown to draw some of the top female Club teams from all over the west coast and Hawaii. The racing gets closer and closer each year and I think that it is important that we keep pushing to have a team that introduces our female members to each other and to the sport. We had people on the boat from two generations of present and future SDYC members and we also had people sail with us who had never met each other before but, in each of them, I saw true character that was supportive, competitive, and willing to push themselves hard for the team.