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Brook Wood & Caylin Schnoor at the Ida Lewis Championship

By Caylin Schnoor | August 28, 2018

This year, Brook Wood and I had the privilege of traveling to Mentor, Ohio for the 2018 US Sailing Junior Women’s Doublehanded Championship, otherwise known as Ida Lewis. This regatta is in memoriam of Thomas Clagett’s late wife, named after a women who had bravery like no other, Ida Lewis. She was known for saving the lives of many people who would pass by her father’s lighthouse in distress. The US Sailing Women's Doublehanded Championship featured 80 girls (40 teams) which was the highest participation number in years! There were teams from California, New York, New Jersey and Alabama, just to name a few. Getting to know the girls from across the country was one of Brook’s and my favorite parts!

Club 420 Summer with Jack Egan & Jack Plavan

By Jack Egan | August 28, 2018

To begin the month of August Jack Plavan and I (Jack Egan), boarded a JetBlue flight out to Boston, where we would then drive from to arrive at New Bedford, on the cape of Massachusetts where the C420 North American Championship would be held in the coming days. We were very excited to experience Buzzards Bay, which is notorious for its great wind. At the venue, we were greeted by an old military fort dating back to the Civil War, and a brand new Zim charter boat. The next four days had a range of conditions, with 20+ knots on the first day and then a little less wind each coming day getting to as low as 6 knots on the last day with a day of no racing in between for rain and wind. It was a new experience for Jack and I to sail in a 180 boat fleet with a middle start boat and to have that windy of conditions but still get 30°+ wind shifts and 10 knot wind differences on the course. By the end of our regatta, we found ourselves in sixth place. There was not much time to rest as we flew out the next morning to Detroit to head to the CHUBB Junior Championship (Bemis).

Episode 001 - Alli Bell

By Jared Wohlgemuth, Casey Allocco | August 23, 2018

Recording with a view at sunset from the SDYC Cupola, Tiffany Billings introduces herself as the host of the inaugural episode of San Diego Sailcast. The three top news items this week are Peter Busch winning Junior Sabot Nationals sailed at Long Beach Yacht Club, the upcoming Juniors Nine-0 Fundraiser Luau on September 14th, and Eric Doyle's victory at the Star North American Championships sailed at California Yacht Club.

Fun and Adventure at the 2018 Ida Lewis

By Alice Schmid & Samantha Gardner | August 22, 2018

Ida Lewis was one of our first regattas outside of California without parents, so we weren’t sure what to expect. I traveled along side SDYC coach Beka Schiff and my teammate Sammie Gardner. Sammie and I have just recently entered the world of double handed sailing, experimenting in C420s, 29ers CFJs and most recently I420s. We took off Tuesday July 24, very early in the morning and after 5 hours in the air we arrived in Cleveland, Ohio.

Practice Makes Perfect for Team SDYC

By Peter Busch | August 21, 2018

The 2018 Junior Sabot Nationals at Long Beach Yacht Club wrapped up a great season for SDYC. The week was very tricky with some extreme currents and fog during the start of the second and third days causing some crazy wind shifts. First, second, and fifth in gold fleet, Team SDYC put in a ton of effort this year leading up to the event. Practice every day during the summer and a clinic with other clubs from our area ensured we were prepared.

USA 49er Sailors in Aarhus: Interview with Judge Ryan

By | August 17, 2018

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