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Posts from April 2018

Etchells 13 Fleet to co-host Pacific Coast Championship, April 28-29

By Parimal M. Rohit, The Log | April 23, 2018

Joslin Brothers at Two Spring 29er Events

By Peter & Jack Joslin | April 20, 2018

The 29er Fleet in the United States hosts two Mid-Winter Regattas, East in Miami and West in Coronado. Scheduling was challenging as they occurred this year on back to back weekends in March. We participated in both events this year. Traveling to Miami meant an opportunity to connect with former SDYC Head Coach Maru Urban for some coaching in Biscayne Bay. With shallower bay conditions the traditional Miami Chop was certainly in effect along with light and shifty winds. As with many “trapping” boats like the 29er, shifty conditions put extra complexities on both the skipper and crew.  

Chris Nesbitt’s Team 3rd at CA Dreamin’ Long Beach

By Chris Nesbitt | April 11, 2018

Last weekend our team representing SDYC sailed in the third and final 2018 California Dreamin' match race event which was held in Long Beach.  This 2018 season has offered unusual weather which cut the San Diego stop (#1) short only providing enough wind for 6 races and turning the San Francisco stop (#2) into a non event with only two races in two days, not enough to even score it.  The Long Beach stop (#3) in contrast offered more consistent breeze and two complete round robins of racing, a first for the 2018 series, but was still sailed in lighter pressure overall than prior years events there.