2016 News

The International Masters Regatta, hosted by San Diego Yacht Club for the fifth consecutive year, finished late afternoon on Sunday, October 23rd. Racing was tight at the top of the fleet for the duration of the weekend, and Bill Menninger (Newport Harbor Yacht Club) had a spectacular last day, winning both races on the final day as well as the overall regatta.
Day two of San Diego Yacht Club’s International Masters Regatta featured more wind than the first day of racing. The twelve masters sailors competing in the regatta experienced conditions that were more typical of San Diego on Saturday afternoon in the City Front racing venue. Sunday, October 23 will be the final day of the regatta. There was enough wind on the course to start racing shortly after noon. The wind stayed constant until about 3:00pm when it died down to about 4 knots in the middle of the last race. Despite the dying wind at the end of the day, Race Committee was still able to hold all four scheduled races.
Day one of San Diego Yacht Club’s International Masters Regatta wrapped up Friday evening with the first day of racing in San Diego Bay. Twelve Master sailors and their crews from all around the country competed in two races along the San Diego City Front. The Masters Regatta will continue on Saturday and Sunday in the same venue. Race committee was only able to run two out of the four scheduled races due to extremely light winds. The wind was at 0 knots at noon which delayed the start of racing by about 2 1/2 hours.
For the fifth consecutive year, San Diego Yacht Club will host the International Masters Regatta, from October 21-23, 2016. Originally established in 1975 by St. Francis Yacht Club member Don Trask, the regatta was previously sailed in the San Francisco Bay for a number of years until SDYC began hosting the prestigious event in 2012. Invited skippers must be over the age of 60 and crew members must be over the age of 45.