High School Sailing

Welcome to the 2017/2018 High School Sailing Season at SDYC! We are proud to once again be hosting Francis-Parker, Cathedral Catholic, The Bishop's School, and Point Loma High School.

High School sailing at SDYC occurs out of the Malin Burnham Sailing Center, with each sailor paying fees to the Club for use of the boats and facility, and each team providing its own coaching. Here’s what SDYC supplies:

  • 24 NEW 2017 Club Flying Junior dinghies!
  • 24 suits of scholastic race sails, NEW this Fall!
  • Ample coach boats and buoys to facilitate great practices.
  • Multiple classrooms equipped with modern video, audio and wifi technology.
  • Four 3-boat trailers for travel to away regattas (parent volunteer towing). One for each team!


SDYC provides the use of some assets and facilities during the school year for a number of San Diego area High School sailing teams. The following represents a summary of policies and guidelines for all participants and organizers:

  1. The High School Sailing program at SDYC is a privilege to the participants and their coaches. Participants and coaches shall at all times show the utmost respect of the boats, equipment, SDYC members and SDYC facilities.
  2. High School sailing team coaches shall be under the direct supervision of the SDYC Junior Sailing Director, and are expected to ensure that their team members follow all SDYC rules and requirements. 
  3. The Junior Director shall accept applications from a number of qualified teams that adequately fill the allotted time for practice during the week and high school regattas during selected weekends. The number of boats shall be assigned by the Junior Director to reflect an equal and fair distribution and usage by the number of teams whose applications have been accepted.
  4. Prior to accepting a team's application, the Junior Director must first receive completed applications from all participants including but not limited to: Assumption of Risl / Indemnity Agreement, Damage Waiver, High School Sailing Charter Boat Procedures and Motorboat Policies and Procedures and all fees.
  5. Non-member High School & College Sailing participants shall have limited access to SDYC grounds only during the times outlined in the previously approved team schedule. Non-member participants shall not have access to the pool, Jacuzzi, clubhouse areas and shall limit their onshore activities to the Junior Sailing area only unless in accordance with SDYC Guest Rules.
  6. The charter fee paid by each high school sailor covers use of the boat, sails and normal wear. Damage beyond normal wear such as that resulting from collision with other boats or during docking will be billed to the sailor(s) involved.
  7. The SDYC Junior Sailing program shall have priority over High School sailing participants in the use of SDYC sailboats, support boats and equipment.

September 2017 - May 2018
Schedule and Pricing

Full Year (Best Value)
Sept 4 - May 27: $650

Semester Plans (PLHS and Cathedral)
FALL, Sept 4 - Jan 7 (Rose Bowl Regatta): $350
SPRING, Jan 8 - May 27: $350

Trimester Plans (Bishop's and Parker)
1st TRI, Sept 4 - Nov 12 (Anteater Regatta): $235
2nd TRI, Nov 13 - Feb 25 (Golden Bear): $235
3rd TRI, Feb 26 - May 27: $235