J/22 Fleet

Please review the rules and complete the form below to apply for J/22 Fleet Membership.

The J/22's are durable, safe and fun. They appeal to all ages and skill levels, easily sailed by two people, but with a cockpit large enough for four people to enjoy. Responsive, but stable at 1800 lbs with a fixed lead keel and self bailing cockpit, it is easily driven with a mainsail, 100% jib, and spinnaker. Since its introduction in 1983, the J/22 has blossomed into an International class now with 1,550+ boats sailing in 65 fleets in 18 countries.

Still, the J/22, while not large or overly complicated, is a small keel boat that can overwhelm a completely novice sailor. We want to make sure you have the necessary basic skills to safely operate the boat before you set out to sea!

Complete the information on this form and you will be contacted by a fleet member to discuss the necessary skills and arrange a time to meet and take a test sail. Required skills include tying a few simple knots while rigging the boat, demonstrating some basic sailing skills (tacking/gybing and stopping the boat) and boat maneuvers including leaving and returning to the dock.

The annual membership fee for the J/22 fleet is $600 and supports the operation and upkeep of the boats. Anyone can join the J/22 fleet with the payment of the membership fee, even if you haven’t taken the test sail yet.

As a member, your SDYC membership account will serve as a ‘damage deposit’. In the event there is damage that needs repair, you may be liable for up to $1000. Coverage for the boats beyond that is under the club’s umbrella insurance policy.

Upon passing the skills check and test sail, you will be listed as a ‘qualified’ member and are free to reserve the boats, as available, for the entire calendar year. There is a reservation window that allows for reservations up to 30 days ahead. We also ask you give us 48 hours minimum notice, especially for weekend reservations, to coordinate launching and leave the dock with no more than five (5) souls aboard.

Membership Rules

  • Memberships are good for 12 months from date of purchase or for 30 reservations (excluding designated regatta days), whichever comes first. An additional Annual Pass may be purchased and the membership renewal interval shall start from the most recent date of purchase.
  • Memberships are $600 regardless of your membership status. Members may arrange a payment schedule with the SDYC Accounting Office over a 12 month period ($50/mo). However, once the payments are started the member shall be responsible for the full amount - NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Membership allows you to use the boat on any non-black-out days.
  • Membership does not exempt one from boat use fees during a regatta (match race or team race) where the fleet is being used.
  • Memberships are for an individual and that individual must be on board the boat when it is out sailing.
  • The daily rental rate for non-fleet members is $150/day.
  • The daily rental rate for non-fleet Junior Flag members is $50/day.
  • Junior Sailors who wish to use the J/22s must be entered in a sanctioned event or practice session through the SDYC Jr. Program or their High School sailing team.
  • Two daily rental fees ($150/day) may be credited towards the purchase of a fleet membership, however the membership will have been considered active from the first rental date.