SDYC Opening Day

Sunday, April 14, 2019

The Flag Officers and Directors Request the Pleasure of Your Company at

Opening Ceremonies

12:00 PM, Sunday April 14th

Commodore's Opening Day Dinner Dance

6:30 PM, Saturday April 13th

Commodore Jerelyn Biehl cordially invites SDYC members to attend.

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Opening Day Sunday Brunch

Join SDYC for brunch on Sunday from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm.

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Yacht Inspection

Yacht lnspection - Members requesting inspection should review the "Requirements and Recommendations" document for inspected vessels. Register online for inspection, and please include a short boat bio for the Program. Inspected vessels must be open for Hospitality on Sunday after the ceremony. The Inspection Committee will put you in the correct category.

Those who sign up for inspections will receive a 2 for 1 Deck Dining certificate. The Coast Guard will also be on hand for those who would like a higher grade inspection.

Trophies Awarded for Best Maintained in these categories

  • Power
  • Sail
  • PC Class
  • Classic Yacht (vessel 40+ years old)
  • New Yacht (less than 2 years old)
  • First Time Entry (boat, not the owner)
  • First Time lnspected Yacht (the boat, not owner)
  • Trailerable
  • Overall

Yacht Hospitality

Yacht Hospitality - "A Time Honored Tradition..." Yacht owners welcome members and friends aboard their vessels after the Opening Day Ceremony for camaraderie and good cheer. SDYC will provide snacks and beverages to refresh your guests. All boats entered in Hospitality will receive a penant indicating so. Your vessel name, boat bio and location will be listed in the Opening Day program. lf you do not have a slip at the Club and would like to participate in Hospitality, call the Dockmaster at 619-758-6308 or for a temporary slip.

Best Dressed Dock Competition

To be included in the vote, sailboats must have code flags from the end of the bow to the end of the stern or at least have the whole headstay or backstay dressed. The dressed end of the boat goes towards the head of the dock. Powerboats must dress as similar as possible to be counted. Flags do not have to be displayed in any particular order. They only need to create a colorful and festive display. Spell out your boat name or other phrases for fun! Dressed vessels on each dock will be counted the morning prior to the Ceremony. The dock with the highest percentage of dressed yachts will be announced and the prize wil be given during the ceremony. The best dressed dock will be awarded a 2 for 1 Deck Dining certificate.