Moth North American Championship

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 -
Sunday, October 1, 2017
Crown Cove, Coronado










Competitors, spectators, coaches, and Race Committee breathed a sigh of relief today as it was finally breeze ON for the final day of the 2017 Moth North American Championship. When Race Committee first arrived at the race venue at 10am, winds were at 10 knots. When racing got underway shortly after 11am, the wind was at 12 knots which continued to build throughout the race. For the next 3 races, the wind was between 12 and 15 knots, allowing competitors to fly through the air on their foiling boats. 

The day started with a shorter race course distance (.6nm) for the first race only. After that, Race Committee extended the race course by .2nm for the following 3 races. Since the day was finally windy, racing went fast and concluded by 1:15pm. 

Race Committee knew that only running two races on Saturday put them behind schedule and since the wind was up, they made the decision to run 4 races instead of the 3 that were scheduled. They could have gone for 5, but competitors expressed that they were a bit tired after two days of high performance sailing behind them. Therefore, competitors completed 11 races total over 3 days with 2 throw out scores.

Matt Struble (MBYC) was the Moth on fire the entire weekend, winning every single race. Not resting for long, Struble will compete at the same venue next weekend for the 2017 A-Cat North American Championship from October 5-8. Ryan Lorence (MBYC) maintained his second place position over the entire weekend and Brooks Reed (TISC) closed up the gap between him and Lorence on day 3 and ultimately finished in 3rd.



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