Saturday, September 27, 2014 -
Sunday, September 28, 2014
Coronado Roads

FRIDAY: Free! Fun Bay Race
Join us for the FREE Friday fun race. The start will be from the cupola at SDYC, with a race through the San Diego bay, and the finish back at SDYC.

Buoy racing in San Diego Bay for all fleets


ENTRY LIST (updated 9/24/14)
Dave Cheresh Flare J/70
Bruce Golison 249 J/70
Karl Pomeroy Zero to 60 J/70
Jeff Brown J/70 J/70
Kenyon Martin Cheetah Cub J/70
Dennis Case Wings J/105
Sean O'Keefe DeColores2 J/105
Jon Dekker Air Boss J/105
Steve & Lucy Howell Blink! J/105
DagFish Viggen J/105
Michael O'Connell Speedplay J/105
Stewart Cannon J-OK J/105
Jimmy Spithill 17 J/105
John Laun caper J/120
Rudolph Hasl Hasl Free J/120
Mike Hatch J Almighty J/120
Gary Winton Shenanigans J/120
Chuck Nichols CC Rider J/120
John Snook JIM J/120
Peter Zarcades Meltemi J/120
Jim Dorsey J/22 J/22
Ben Nieting Pink Shoes J/22
Tiffany Billings J/22 J/22
Bruce Golison 249 J/70
Fabian J/70 J/70
Michael O'Connell Speedplay J/105
Tom Barker Good Call J/145


SDYC is inviting J/Boats from all over SoCal to come and participate in Fall sailing in San Diego!

One design fleets slated for J/Fest include the fast growing, super hot J/70 fleet as well as J/22, J/24, J/80, J/105, J/109, and J/120 fleets.

Any J/Boat is eligible to participate, and all are welcome to race in One Design, PHRF, and J/Cruise classes.

Fun on and off the water includes competitive racing on the water and social events after sailing!


Joanne O'Dea