Hot Rum Series III

Saturday, December 6, 2014
San Diego Bay


Hot Rum #2 was another busy day on the water for competitors and Race Committee. With the addition of a nice westerly breeze, maneuvers at the start line were much easier to accomplish and nobody came in contact with the RC Signal boat. Thank you everyone!

However, on the return leg, our “Check In” notice of outbound Navy Ship @ 1500 materialized. We are not given notice of what, precisely  when, or how the vessels will maneuver or be getting underway. That’s (understandably) the Navy way. Departure times for their operations are not generally subject to negotiation or influence by recreational traffic. However, much more than you are probably aware, the Navy makes regular considerations for recreational traffic both in the bay and in the Coronado Roads, in the course of their everyday operations. They are a good neighbor!
While it was unfortunate that there was also an outbound car carrier passing Ballast Point just moments before the Navy Sub got underway, in the midst of dozens of Hot Rum competitors negotiating each other, light winds, changing tide and  inbound… at Ballast Point – this mix of commercial traffic, Navy subs and Hot Rum sailors had about as good an outcome as there could have been.

Know that the Harbor Pilots and SeaTractor crew, along with the Navy Sub Crew and Security boats accomplished their task swiftly and with much more traffic, much closer than they would ordinarily allow, without complaint. Thank you to them, and all of you who complied with directions and alterations of course.

Working together with, not against, all the various facets that make up the San Diego Bay is what makes this contest unique, interesting, and possible.

Race Committee

Race Tracking and 3D replays
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ENTRY LIST (updated 11/20/14)  
Tom Holthus Bad Pak STP 65 -135
Victor Wild Bud TP 52 -87
John Sangmeister OEX Santa Cruz 70 -87
Dennis Conner Stars & Stripes Farr 60 -72
Jay Steinbeck Margaritaville Andrews 52 -63
Lewis Beery It's Ok Andrews 49.9 -57
Alec Oberschmidt Staghound RP 50 -48
Dennis Pennell Blue Blazes RP 50 -36
Chris Hemans Varuna Rogers -33
Lani Spund Kokopelli2 Santa Cruz 52 -30
Kjeld Hestehave Velos Custom Sloop -24
Chad & Kerrie Downey Elixir N/M 50 -21
Tom Barker Good Call J/145 -15
James Madden Stark Raving Mad, IV J/125 -6
Viggo Torbensen Timeshaver J/125 -6
Jeff Brauch Crash Aerodyne 43 6
Brad Alberts El Sueno Beneteau F47.7 18
Bob Lang Rush Hour Corsair Trimaran F28R 21
Drew Belk Precepts II Beneteau First 40 21
Scott Owen Vitesse Beneteau First 40 36
Seth Hall Marisol J/124 39
Peter Zarcades Meltemi J/120 42
Brockmann / Laun caper J/120 42
Gary Winton Shenanigans J/120 42
Mike Hatch J Almighty J/120 42
Ernie Pennell TamaJama J/120 42
Chuck Nichols CC Rider J/120 42
Rudolph Hasl Hasl Free J/120 42
Rick Schuldt Meridian 1D35 42
Robert Pace Andiamo J/46 45
Keith Ericson B'Quest Trip 40 45
John Harrop Justice Flying Tiger 48
Paul & Julie McPherson Niuhi Flying Tiger 48
Mark Mallaby Jelani Flying Tiger 48
Timothy Chin Abacus Flying Tiger 48
Erik Rogers Super Fly Cheetah 30M 51
Ed Kooij Occam's Razor Flying Tiger 54
Rich Reineman Branta 10 meter 54
Richard Hohol Blue Agave Beneteau 40.7 54
Mark Stratton Lugano Beneteau 40.7 54
Warren Gross Silhouette Beneteau 40.7 54
David Tarson Excalibur Beneteau 40.7 54
Rick Day Audacious Beneteau 40.7 54
Mike & Carol Honeysett Wiki Wiki Beneteau 40.7 54
Max Phelps Windswept Swan 54
James Kirkpatrick Expression Session Modified Express 37 54
James Wert Soffio Di Dio Hobie Magic 25 60
CF Koehler Sally 10 meter 60
Larry Schmitz Sugar Sue Andrews 39 63
Matt Anderson Mosh Pit Columbia 30SY 66
Drew Niedringhaus Houn Dawg Serendipity 43 66
Steve Worcester Backdraft J/35 69
Dale Parshall Minx Schock 35 69
Steve Carter Geronimo J/109 69
Larry Andrews Habanero Columbia Sport 72
Herb Zoehrer Z Force J/35 72
Christopher Bennett Maleficent Beneteau First 42s7 72
Shampain / Shampain / Plant Still Crazy Hobie 33M 72
Lindy Thomas Echo Thomas 35 75
Charles Schmidt Vanquish GS 45 75
Sean Grealish Blue Flash J/88 75
Paul Laikind Pegasus II Beneteau First 42.7 78
Thomas Shepherd Kraken Beneteau 36.7 81
Robert Kopaniasz Sorcerer Beneteau 36.7 81
RG Head Carole's Fandango Beneteau 36.7 81
Robert Carlson Adeline Beneteau 36.7 81
Mike Whittemore Melokia Beneteau First 36.7 81
Jerry Twomey Kodachrome Beneteau First 36.7 81
Ted Butterfield Adventure Beneteau First 36.7 81
Andy Marcus Rowdy Rogers 39M 81
Steve Campo Bazinga Hobie 33 81
Larry Boline JetStream J/105 84
Michael O'Connell Speedplay J/105 84
DagFish Viggen J/105 84
Ed Sanford Creative J/105 84
Dennis Case Wings J/105 84
Sean O'Keefe DeColores J/105 84
Ray Pope Waterworks Soverel 84
Calkins / Reynolds / Peterson Sabrina Calkins 50 85
Dan Harlan Alley Cat Adhara 30 87
Don Fulton Babe Soverel 33 87
David Koos Second Wind Columbia 50 90
Dave Kettenhofen Mi Sueno Columbia 50 90
Les Linkogle Briar Rose Bavaria Farr 42 90
Andrew Picel USA 101 Flying Tiger 7.5 90
Chuck Lewis Rrrrr! Flying Tiger 7.5 90
Stephen Cavanagh Sunwing Flying Tiger 7.5 90
Pat Nevitt Tigress Flying Tiger 7.5 90
Tom Reilly Jaswinder J/100 90
Brad Milligan Sinnerman Viper 640 90
David Cheresh Flare J/70 102
Dave Vieregg Soggy Dollar J/70 102
Scot Tempesta Bad Words J/70 102
Karl Pomeroy Zero to 60 J/70 102
Scott Grealish Splash J/70 102
Carol Keigher Emma Tres Beneteau 45 105
Xavier Sheid Hot Mess Etchells 105
Marshall & Lois Harrington Zooid III Etchells 105
Steve Hunt flow Etchells 105
Michael Smith Accord Kiwi Peterson 105
Van Hughes Paladin Olson 108
Don Garber Lagniappe C&C 99 108
Jay Sorensen Broad Reach Catalina 38 114
Plamen Yanakiev Maistro Schock 34 PC 117
Sal Ortiz Schock N Awe Santana 35 120
Ganz / Moulds Ashley Beneteau Oceanis 40 120
William Posner Blind Squirrel Santana 30/30GP 120
Don Laverty Distraction Olson 911s 120
Carolyn & Sandra Sherman Sea Maiden Ericson Mk III 120
Randy Ames Liberty Schumacher 30 123
Greg Stewart Sprig 6 meter 125
Mark Butler Bligh's Spirit Cal36m 126
David Cattle Blackadder J/27 126
Mick Moore Masquerade Ranger 37 126
Michael & Kathy Roach Poco Loco Beneteau 35s5 129
Robert Noe Mad Hatter J/30 138
Alex Caldwell Onion Truck PC 144
Rich Chambers Last Call! Catalina 144
Kyle Henehan Expressive Marine Star 144
Paul Farrell Spin Dr C&C 144
Karen Busch Wani Racing Ericson 35mkII 147
David Basham Cimarron Ericson 35 150
John Buser Rendezvous Kettenburg 50 150
Tom Fisic Waggish Ranger 150
Peter Hunt Tiny Bubbles Catalina 320 150
Peter Blake Rio Del Mar Catalina 34 153
Walter Devine Freebird Pearson 33 156
Aaron Sturm Valkyrie Moore 24 156
Joe Saad Fiasco II CAl 9.2 165
John Voigt ZigZag C&C 32 168
Mark Clements Brigadoon J/24 174
William Mason Bronco Pearson 30 180
Chris Doolittle Deliverance J/22 180
David Baer Casamar Catalina 30 198
Curt Snyder K.I.S.S. Santana 213
Jason Flar Lookit! Santana 20 222
Ryan Lorence Psycho Tiller Santana 20 222