Etchells Midwinters West

Friday, March 31, 2017 -
Sunday, April 2, 2017
Coronado Roads

Following the NOOD Regatta, Etchells Midwinters is the second event in the Etchells West Coast Series.

"I" Dock and its hoists will be out of service due to dredging work being done in that area beginning on March 27th for one week during our Mid-Winters West Regatta (“MWWR”). This schedule was dictated by the outside contractor and is out of the Sailing office’s control.

WHAT THIS MEANS: After March 26th, all Etchells racing in the MWWR will need to be launched from the Star Hoist near the Junior Sailing area. Since there may be as many as 35 teams racing, boats will need to launch earlier than otherwise might be done in normal circumstances to accommodate everyone. The good news is that all the Etchells will be mooring at the SDYC Front Guest Dock, sided tied to the Support Docks that will be put in place perpendicular to the Guest Dock.  Assistance will be provided by the Sailing Office to ferry launched boats to the Support Docks from the Star Hoist area.

Since there may be out of town boats and teams that will arrive on Wednesday, March 29th or Thursday, March 30th, consideration and assistance will need to be given to these teams to get them launched.  The Sailing Office will provide personnel to help us move boats to the Star hoist launching area during the week. Local Fleet 13 boats are requested to launch earlier in the week to clear the way for late arrivals. In addition, please be aware that a Junior Sailing Event will be occurring on the same weekend, launching on Saturday and coming out on Sunday.

On Sunday afternoon, April 2nd, priority should be given to out of town teams and boats that need to get put away so they can make their travel windows. As a courtesy to our out of town guests, let’s assist them in any way we can to get them put up first.

Please write us soon ( or the Sailing Office at sailing@sdyc.or ) with any questions or concerns.

Many thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation with this logistical challenge,