Cruising Fleet March Dinner

Tuesday, March 19, 2019 at 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Club Room

Mushroom & Spinach Savory Crepes
Trio of Mushrooms & Spinach in Crepes with Cream Sauce

$32 inclusive / person

Wrigley Institute director, Dr. Ken Nealson, will share photos and plans in an engaging presentation about the Catalina Island Research facility which the Cruising Fleet often visits during the Catalina Cruise.

Dr. Nealson, will present a brief overview of the education, outreach, and science at the WIES, including their work with everything from viruses to bacteria, to algae (including kelp), and larger. His presentation outline is "What we do, and why we do it".  

Their newest challenge involves the "Sustainable Campus Initiative" in which they are embarking on a plan for campus sustainability for the WIES, and the longer term goal of sustainability for Catalina Island. This involves transforming the island campus into a self-sustaining unit with regard to energy, water, and waste -- "walking the walk" of sustainability.

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