Super Star Friday: Guest Lecture from Mark Reynolds

This Friday, November 21, Team SDYC welcomes one of the Club's most accomplished champions, Mark Reynolds, to Afterschool Sailing. A native San Diegan, Mark is a three-time Olympic medalist- two gold, one silver- in the Star Class, and holds countless other titles in tough classes like the Farr 40 and Flying Dutchman. Mark also runs Quantum Sails San Diego, and is a 2012 inductee of the National Sailing Hall of Fame. An avid environmentalist, we heard from Mark's friends at San Diego Coastkeeper last week, and are looking forward to his thoughts on Strategy and Tactics on Friday. This is one of those truly special SDYC opportunities you don't want to miss!

ABYC's Fall Junior Invitational

Team SDYC continued its run at the fall Sabot schedule with an impressive showing at ABYC’s Fall Junior Invitational. Here’s my traditional review of the stats:

  • Team SDYC Roster size: 19 (2 fewer than 2013, but we unfortunately had several regulars out)
  • Team SDYC's percentage of the Overall Regatta attendance: 28% (19/69)
  • Team SDYC’s share of Bullets (race wins): 62% (23/37)
  • Team SDYC’s share of Overall Fleet Wins: 80% (4/5: B, C1, C2, C3)
  • Team SDYC's Final Positions by quintile. This is how our sailors fared collectively against their competition.
    • Top Quintile (47%)
    • Second Quintile (32%)
    • Mid Quintile (5%)
    • Fourth Quintile (16%)
    • Lowest Quintile (0%)

Gotta love this stuff! Nearly half of our racers finished in the top fifth of their division, and for the second consecutive major Sabot regatta, every single racer sailed clear of the lowest fifth. Congratulations to Taisei Hatter who started off with a bullet and stayed consistent to finish 4th overall as Team SDYC's top A Fleeter with a strong start to the SCYYRA North Series. Cole Harris also trophied in A Fleet with 5th overall. B Fleet was rock solid with John Majernik taking 4th, Sean Caulfield in 3rd, and way to go Jack Plavan with the 1st overall and move up to A Fleet! In C1, Schuyler Capita and Cameron Cage owned the top of the leaderboard, activating a tiebreaker to settle at 1st and 2nd respectively. In C2 it was Shaye Wattson with 1st overall, followed closely by Katie Olsen in 2nd, Burke Kanemasu in 4th, and Timmy Fraher in 5th. And in C3, where we watch our future begin, congratulations to Sammy Gardner, Dylan Gardner in 5th, Marcus Hall in 3rd, new team member Annabelle Huyard in 4th, and Calvin Schmid rockin' the vintage Sobstad to 1st Overall and the move up to C2!

Way to go sailors, towing volunteers the Joslins, Majerniks, Gardners, Caulfields, Hatters, Frahers, and Kanemasus (wow!), and coaches Roger O'Connor, Brennen Clark, Johannes McElvain, Andy Reiter, and Head Coach Nick Kaschak!

Full Results

Fall Gold Cup / SCYYRA Shadden Series #1 - Event Info

Team SDYC got the season off to a great start this past weekend at Newport Harbor Yacht Club's Fall Gold Cup/SCYYRA Shadden Series #1. As always, I try to look at the big picture, as well as the individual story lines. Here’s a quick look at the key stats:

  • Team SDYC's percentage of the Overall Regatta: 15% (23/157)
  • Team SDYC's share of Overall Fleet Wins: 33% (2/6, B and C3)
  • Team SDYC's share of Bullets (race wins): 48% (22/46)
  • Breakdown of Team SDYC's Final Positions by quintile. This is how our sailors fared collectively against their competition.
    • Top Quintile (39%)
    • Second Quintile (35%)
    • Mid Quintile (13%)
    • Fourth Quintile (13%)
    • Lowest Quintile (0%)

Wow, that's pretty solid indeed! Big congratulations go out to new Team SDYC member Peter Joslin who underlined his name on the roster with a first-appearance win and trip to the A Fleet! Jack Plavan also sailed consistently and trophied with 5th overall in B. In C1, Schuyler Capita and Petey Busch sailed well for 3rd and 4th respectively. In C2, every one of our sailors won a race, or several! Congrats to trophy winners Katie Olsen (5th), Burke Kanemasu (3rd), and Shaye Wattson with 2nd overall! And the biggest congrats of all are for C3, where our sailors dominated the top third. Way to go Jimmy Dealy (8th), Marcus Hall (3rd), Calvin Schmid (2nd), and Ryan Hogue with 1st Overall and a move to C2!

Well done sailors, parents (especially our towing volunteers!) and coaches Roger O'Connor, Brennen Clark, Jesse McKnight and Head Coach Nick Kaschak!

With over 35 sailors attending the kick-off of Afterschool Sailing last Friday, I know we have more great results like this ahead!

SCYYRA Campaigns - More Details

At the heart of junior sailboat racing in Southern California is the SCYYRA Series of regattas. These events taking place from late August to mid-April have trained champions as the years have gone by. There is no better training opportunity for competing at the national level then these easily accessible, local events. SDYC Juniors has had a much storied history competing at these regattas and this year we look to extend this run. This year Team SDYC looks to be the foremost leaders at the SCYYRA regattas in: attendance, performance and sportsmanship. Implementing this vision will take a number of variables that we seek to work harder at than ever before. That is the purpose of our SCYYRA Campaign Team to establish early communication between sailors, coaches and parents to better the overall experience at these events. Please find the fleet/series you intend on racing in below and the attached information specific to your fleet.

Statement of Purpose:

  • To continue Team SDYC's history as the top junior racing program in the Southern California area
  • To prepare our sailors of competition at the national and international level
  • To ease the flow of information and communication between sailors, coaches and parents
  • To organize and train our sailors for success
  • To better our transportation of equipment and sailors to/from events

The Team:

Participation on any one of the SCYYRA Series Teams will mean commitment to the Team's vision and your personal goals.

The following mandates will apply:

  • Participation in Friday practice before each event
  • Racing in all (four) series specific events
  • Understanding that you will need to tow to one or more event

What the Team guarantees you:

  • A SDYC boat chartered to you for the length of the series
  • Coaching at every event and lead-up practice
  • SDYC support

Team SDYC SCYYRA Campaigns Sign Up

2015 Junior Board of Directors Announced

Commodore Jesse McKnight
Vice Commodore Cole Harris
Secretary Millie Dorgan
CFJ Fleet Captain Daisy Holthus
Laser Fleet Captain Amanda Majernik
Sabot A Fleet Captain Piper Holthus
Sabot B Fleet Captain John Majernik
Sabot C Fleet Captain Mackenzie Harris
O'pen Bic Fleet Captain Kelly Holthus
C420 Fleet Captain Taisei Hatter


SDYC Junior Sailing
1011 Anchorage Lane
San Diego, CA 92106
Junior Director: John Fretwell