Lehman 12 Fleet

Competitive Sailing - Serious Fun!

Established at SDYC in 1991, the Lehman 12 is an exciting two-person dinghy that is crewed by adults and children. The boats are easy to rig, a challenge to sail and provide great race entertainment for family and friends on E-dock. The fleet sails monthly March though November, and enjoys weekly Thursday night beer cans in the summer months.

The Lehman 12


  • Length Overall: 12'
  • Beam: 54"
  • Mast: 20'4"
  • Total Sail Area: 81 sq/ft
  • Total Boat Weight: 190+ lbs

Crew Weight:

  • When racing the combined Boat and Crew weight should be 500 lbs.
  • Rule of Thumb is that the boat weights approximately 200 lbs and the crew would weigh approximately 300 lbs. The maxiumum weight carried to meet weight is 20 lbs.

Fleet Documentation:

Lehman 12 Association By-Laws (Measurement, Dues, Events, etc)

Lehman 12 Association Constitution (Organization, Committees, etc)

NOTE: These documents were re-typed from documents provided by Steve Schupak (Schock Boats) which were dated 1991. The new files were copied faithfully but some gramattical errors were corrected. Steve Schupak feels some changes may need to be made in light of some updates made to the new Lehman-12 in production.