Welcome to the 2015 Dutch Shoe Marathon

On Friday July 17, 2015, SDYC will host the 46th annual Dutch Shoe Marathon. The tradition of starting at San Diego Yacht Club and racing all the way to Coronado Yacht Club has been a long standing summer event that many sailors and families look forward to every year. Over 150 sailors ages 7 - 77 will compete in this event.

In order to make the arrival of so many sabots sailors at SDYC and CYC as smooth as possible the regatta committee would like to provide the following information and tips for maneuvering around the SDYC and CYC parking lots.

Registration opens at 0900 in the SDYC Malin Burnham Sailing Center. This is located on the north side of the SDYC Sailwash lawn – there will be signs leading the way.

  • Sailors need to know what their sail number is – we cannot have duplicates so you may be asked to add a 1 to either end of it.
  • Sailors should be checking in, not their parents or coaches, please don’t be offended if we ask you to send your child in.
  • If there are any problems with your registration you will be directed to a separate station to resolve it before completing registration.
  • Registration closes promptly at 1045, please do not be late.

Coaches and Parents towing trailers will be directed where to unload by SDYC Summer Instructors, please help us out and follow the flow of traffic.

  • Coach Boats will be launched and stored at the Etchells Crane Dock / I Dock.
  • Sabot Trailers will be pulled down through the Jr./One Design Dry Storage Yard, unloaded and stored in the north end of the parking lot.
  • All trailers will depart through the back gate onto Canon St.

Lunch is not provided with the entry.

  • The SDYC snack bar opens around 1000 and has a wide range of lunch items.
  • There are several sandwich shops located within walking distance of SDYC.
  • It is a long distance to CYC, please plan accordingly.

Upon arriving at Coronado YC

  • Only cars with trailers attached will be allowed in the main CYC parking lot. Any vehicle parked in the CYC lot without a CYC member decal on the windshield is subject to ticket and/or towing.
  • Please find parking on the street around the club or in the South lot.
  • Any competitor staying for the SDAYC Single-handed Luff-In on Saturday will be directed on where to store their boats for the night, otherwise please be prompt in loading trailers and freeing up dollies for others.
  • We are guests at CYC, be courteous and clean up trash.
  • There will be pizza and refreshments available for all competitors and their families.
  • When trophies are finished all competitors are responsible for their own transportation.  SDYC does not provide rides back to the club.
  • Extra regatta shirts will be available for sale at CYC for $15.00, cash only.