2013 Dutch Shoe the Cleanest Race in Years

Dutch Shoe 2013, like it’s larger ocean racing counterpart Transpac 2013, went down as one of the most drama-free in recent memory. Due to some incredible US Navy “inter-fleet communications” by Junior Director John Fretwell and Sailing Director Jeff Johnson during the week, there were absolutely no near misses with Naval traffic, nor thankfully commercial traffic either! Anyone who has raced or watched a DS knows this is no small feat. There is a special trophy awarded each year named “The Secretary of the Navy” for the participant who gets “hosed” the worst by either Navy or commercial traffic, and this year we couldn’t find a worthy recipient to vote for! Here’s how fortuitous our timing was: the Coronado Ferry, the last possible fly in the ointment, left the ferry landing about 25 seconds before our lead boat crossed their wake! First to capsize didn’t happen until past the carriers, and that was a kid just goofing around! Seriously folks, this year was a drama free 7.2 nautical mile race in a bath tub.

Young C2 sailor Piper Holthus of SDYC led the most of the way, eclipsed just on the last upwind leg by the savvy A fleeters and Seniors. Way to go Piper - you did everyone in C fleet proud in leading for so long! Mom Marcy and little brother Kelly were shadowing her in their RIB because they were unable to shadow husband/Dad Tom, who was racing Badpak across the pond in the aforementioned race to Hawaii! SDYC’s own Jack Egan was second again in this year (despite going back for an OCS), eclipsed by the 2012 Sabot Junior National champ Max Brill from MBYC. Jack Ryan came in 5th. Team SDYC had a solid lock on B fleet with Jack Plavan in 2nd, Mille Dorgan in 3rd, and Taisei Hatter in 4th. Sean Caufield got himself up on the podium with a 3rd in C fleet. The first Senior this year was Hans Henken of Coronado, who was locked in a tacking duel battle royale with perennial favorite V/C Chuck Sinks but nipped him just at the line. Long time Sabot trailer tower and sail-maker Chris Snow was 4th with Randy Lake in 5th. All other results are posted online. As the parade of upwind finishers made it to the balmy seaside resort of Coronado, the smiles were as wide as the final victory margin of the leaders - about an hour from first to the Tail-end Charlie. What a great tradition we have here in San Diego - a great course laid out with zero moguls, no protests, a sizable and helpful spectator fleet, and gracious post-race hosts Coronado YC made this years race memorable. Thanks everyone, especially the competitors!